4 Steps to an Unforgettable Honeymoon

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First comes wedding, then comes…happy honeymoon times! This post-nuptial trip is a time of connection and celebration (and, hopefully, several afternoons spent in cabanas with some cocktails). Since so much of your focus is on the wedding, it’s easy to let the honeymoon slip to the back of your mind. However, with a little thought, you can ensure that this special trip is filled with memories you’ll treasure forever.

Choose Your Adventure

The key to a blissful honeymoon is picking the right place. Now, the right place will vary couple to couple. Think about your tastes and follow your passions to the perfect locale. Are you Anglophiles who love history and strong cups of tea? Say “cheerio” to England! Do you both love sunbathing and drinks decorated with umbrellas and pineapple wedges? Embrace the island life in Ibiza or Hawaii! Of course, your vacation preferences may diverge but don’t worry. Mixing it up on a trip leads to real adventures and may expose you to things you didn’t know you loved. So if your partner is dreaming of Oktoberfest in Germany but you have your heart set on a cruise, go for a compromise, like a riverboat trip down the Danube. It’s fun to see each other in different elements so consider it all part of the experience!

Plan the Itinerary

It’s a good idea to plan ahead to minimize stress and that “how do we get to the hotel??” feeling. You’ll want to figure out transportation ahead of time and buy tickets for some of the we-must-see-these attractions (oftentimes, they’re cheaper online). But once you have those things squared away, feel free to relax and keep your agenda a little, well, open-ended. When you arrive, you might learn about some hidden gems from locals or feel like you want to relax more than hit a ton of sights. This attitude will keep you and your partner from feeling pressured. After all your wedding planning, the last thing you want is stress!

Think Outside the Box

Tradition dictates that the honeymoon immediately follows the wedding. I say, forget tradition! Maybe you want to save up some money before going on a big trip. Maybe you’re still in school or your partner can’t get enough time off from work for a honeymoon. Maybe the idea of heading out town right after the wedding is way too overwhelming. Don’t feel compelled to do anyone else’s version of your honeymoon. I’ve worked with many couples who’ve waited a year to save up for their ideal trip and some who even opted for staycations. No matter what you decide, the only two opinions that matter are yours and his.

Unplug From the World

Set down the phones and leave the computers in the hotel suite. Enjoy walking hand-in-hand down the beach and staying up late with a bottle of local wine, sharing your dreams and secrets. These are the days you’ll be missing and that’s the beauty of life together.


Desiree Hartsock


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