When Setting Meets Diamond: Choosing the Right Pairing for You

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Here at SMP, we wholeheartedly believe that adding a little bling to your work day makes it that much better. So today we’re teaming up with our friends at Bailey, Banks & Biddle and Scott Kay to do just that. From dazzling diamond engagement rings to stunning eternity bands, we’re taking some time out to help YOU choose that perfect pairing for your finger, one step at a time. Dive in to find out how.

Think Lifestyle

Whether you’re an adventurous lady who would rather rock climb than sit, an avid marathon runner, a lover of reading Jane Austen (guilty) or something else entirely, trust us, narrowing down the right stone and metal combo for your lifestyle is key.  Thankfully, Scott Kay has sooo many amazing settings (like the Oval Halo Setting) and metal combos (hello, Platinum, 18kt, 14kt Yellow and White Gold) that fitting any and all lifestyles is the definition of easy-peasy.  Not sure which one to choose? Bailey, Banks & Biddle’s talented diamond experts can walk with you step by step throughout your ring search to ensure you’re selecting the stone and Scott Kay setting that will last.

Tell Your Story

At the heart of every engagement + marriage is an amazing love story. One that is unique to you and yours… and your ring should be an extension of that. Whether it’s a setting that reminds you of how you first met, or simply the promise of the future, Scott Kay’s newest Embrace Collection is the perfect symbol of the bond that you and yours share. Think stunning designs that showcase diamond links or alternate metal + diamond links for a look that is breathtaking AND gives a little added dimension. Not to mention the linked design detail is the perfect way to tell each other you’re in it for forever… linked for life. How sweet is that?

Remember the Four C’s

We can’t talk engagement rings without talking about the four C’s – Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat Weight. At Scott Kay, all gorgeous settings are fitted with a beautiful Bailey, Banks & Biddle diamond that has been hand-selected to guarantee the highest in all of the above, plus that added brilliance and quality you know is so important. I mean, that’s even MORE than the four C’s…. they go above and beyond, y’all. Which is why Bailey, Banks & Biddle is known for diamonds that stand apart from the rest and have all been certified by a third party accredited gemological laboratory, which is sooo important. I mean, a Bailey, Banks & Biddle diamond in a Scott Kay Classic Setting? Beyond beautiful.

Stay Within Budget

Ahh… the budget. We don’t necessarily love the word, but we all have one and it’s seriously important to stick to it. (You’ll thank us for this tip later.) But just because you have one, doesn’t mean the world isn’t still your oyster. At Bailey, Banks & Biddle, there is a wide variety of drop-dead gorgeous, I’m going to die if I don’t have it style of rings in every stone, setting and price point. And remember those four C’s (and beyond) we talked about above? No matter the budget, they stick to it. So, basically, you’re set for life with an exceptional piece of jewelry that will showcase just who you are. (Which is awesome.)

Ready to select that ring of your dreams? Visit Bailey, Banks & Biddle today and work with one of the leading experts in fine jewelry design and craftsmanship to create your forever piece.

Photography (Top to Bottom): Rebecca Yale + Tamara Gruner + Sally Pinera + Rebecca Yale + Jose Villa


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